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Why is Prevention Critical?

As more states legalize cannabis, it is an issue none of us should ignore for our youth because:

  • The risk is much more serious
  • The damage can be long lasting
  • We need to be able to talk about it
  • We must help them make smart choices

How Do We Help?

We bring scientific research and clinical expertise to the issue, as well as a transformative dialogue:

  • We establish trust and connection
  • We offer dynamic tools and resources
  • We take an accessible and personal approach
  • We deeply care and want to help you

Our Program

How We Work Together

Decades of trusted research suggest that the most powerful way to protect young people involves actionable, comprehensive prevention for them and the people that protect them. Our IMPACT Prevention classes provide a potent and powerful tool to bring your entire community together.

By reaching the whole community, Panaptic's approach changes the culture of cannabis and other drug use. We provide students with an in-depth education that acknowledges their beliefs and concerns, and give parents and faculty the information and support necessary to have productive and helpful conversations regarding substance use.

  • Panaptic offers a range of services through our Premier, Premier Plus, and Elite Education prevention plans to accomodate your school's budget.

IMPACT Prevention Courses

Your students, parents, and faculty complete our IMPACT Prevention courses.

Classes are tailored to target the learning needs and interests of students, parents, and educators.

IMPACT Prevention allows us to reach the entire community, and have the most impact.

In-Person Training and Live Calls

We reinforce IMPACT Prevention outcomes with live trainings and support.

Speaking engagements designed to address the unique needs of your academic community based on results from IMPACT Prevention surveys.

Live calls provide open and confidential forums for both parents and faculty.

Ongoing Support and Resources for Your Community

Provide tailored feedback to schools regarding IMPACT Prevention assessment outcomes.

Share recommendations to strengthen your health education curriculums.

Offer tools to maintain student engagement and leadership.

Connect parents and faculty to online support.

How to Work With Us

We Can't Afford to Overlook Prevention Education

Panaptic provides comprehensive and customizable solutions for educational institutions, health care organizations and families including:

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