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Panaptic provides a compassionate, engaging, and evidence-based substance use prevention curriculum that shifts perspectives in your community.

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Our community-based approach to substance use prevention prioritizes education and connection to deepen trust and shift perspectives.

Substance use prevention works when teens and adults feel supported, understood, and engaged in learning. Instead of imposing outdated and rigid boundaries like “Just Say No,” we engage communities in paradigm-shifting conversations, helping learners truly understand why “No” might be something they want to say in the first place.

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Designed For You and Your Community

At the heart of our substance use prevention approach lies a focus on your community and families. We believe in addressing substance use as a collective effort, where the entire community comes together.



Directors of counseling, school wellness leaders, counselors, administrators, and teachers: We make introducing substance use prevention education to your school community easy.
For Educators



Parents and guardians: We demystify the art of having difficult conversations about substances so you can open up the dialogue with your children.
For Parents

DUI Prevention

DUI Prevention

State and county prevention leaders and DUI program managers: We invite you to utilize our motivational, anti-stigma, and trauma-informed DUI curriculum to save lives.
DUI Prevention
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Our Solutions

Our prevention solutions apply to all types of substances, including but not limited to marijuana, alcohol, opioids, vaping, and tobacco.

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Substance Use
Prevention Programs

Explore our range of carefully designed programs, from IMPACT Prevention to DUI Education, delivered in supportive, community-based learning environments.


Participate in interactive, community-based workshops that aim to shift perspectives, whether in schools or within your local community.

Keynote Speaking

Engage your community with our inspirational talks led by Panaptic founders and our talented team of prevention leaders.

Consulting Support

Receive personalized guidance to address substance use concerns and collaboratively build a safer, healthier community.

“I liked how the course didn’t just say no and tell us to avoid marijuana. It talked about the research and helped us to learn about the risks ourselves so that we could make a healthy choice.


I highly recommend this program to any educator looking to upgrade their health curriculum.”

Jon Wallet, PE Teacher, Rutland Middle School

“Our school’s partnership with Panaptic benefits our community and gives me the confidence that our curriculum is at the forefront of substance use research and prevention.”

Olivia Albanese, Grade Level Dean, The Hun School

“Questions that I would be scared to ask at school or home were answered.


Meet the Experts

Hello! We are Dr. Sarah Ferraro Cunningham, Psy.D.,
and Dr. Richard Von Feldt, Psy.D.

Together, we empower communities, educators, and healthcare workers with the knowledge and tools needed to foster a healthier, safer environment and prevent the many problems associated with substance use.

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