IMPACT Cannabis Prevention

As experienced, well-rounded educators and psychologists who specialize in addiction, we see the use of cannabis becoming the norm. Because of our commitment to preventing the long-term damage this could cause an entire future generation, we created…

"The new IMPACT Prevention program wraps its arm around the whole school community because every person has an opportunity to help a student."

Panaptic's digital, evidence-based prevention program and engaging online platform enable academic communities to come together to help students make smart choices through connection and communication – not just discipline.

The IMPACT program:

  • Empowers educators and parents with science and skills to have more meaningful conversations with teens
  • Dispels myths of modern-day cannabis being harmless, and shares strategies for opening up a dialogue about a topic that can be tough to talk about
  • Pairs scientific facts with real-life conversation that challenge bright and capable students to really think, listen and shift their perceptions about cannabis

IMPACT Prevention Courses

Why IMPACT Prevention?

For prevention efforts to work well, they must effectively reach your school's community. Due to the many demands placed on active teens and families today, our IMPACT Prevention programs are available via desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device – so that your community members can access the material wherever and whenever they can find time.

The IMPACT platform also offers the opportunity to track effectiveness and engagement in real time, enabling educational institutions to monitor program results throughout the academic year and view learner progress and completion in real time.

We don't believe that the learning should end at the scheduled completion of a workshop or wellness event. IMPACT Cannabis Prevention provides students, families and educators the opportunity to learn at their own pace, and to access the programs throughout the academic year.

IMPACT Prevention Courses

What can you expect from IMPACT?

Our youth deserve the best opportunities for living a successful, healthy and happy life. We know in order to reach young people, we must capture their attention. To do so, we partnered with national experts in the field of IMPACT Prevention, instructional design and interactive learning.

IMPACT's student prevention program is tailored to the learning needs of students and offers:

  • Interactive content
  • Dynamic visual design
  • Adaptive multimedia presentations via desktop, tablet or mobile device

IMPACT's brief pre- and post-course assessments provide schools with the opportunity to monitor the effectiveness of the program throughout the academic year.

We know that effective prevention efforts must reach the entire community. IMPACT Cannabis Prevention offers programs tailored specifically to the interests and needs of families and faculty.

IMPACT's interactive family and educator programs support the academic community by:

  • Sharing scientific research surrounding the impact of cannabis use on a teen's brain development, academic achievement, emotional wellness and life outcomes
  • Offering best practices for fostering helpful prevention conversations at home
  • Enhancing confidence and skill when talking to teens about cannabis and other substance use
  • Providing educators and faculty with the knowledge, skill and confidence to foster brief conversations with students that have a big impact

IMPACT Prevention Courses

Why are IMPACT Prevention courses combined with live in-person or virtual trainings the most effective approach?

Panaptic's IMPACT platform offers educational institutions the opportunity to maximize the effectiveness of their IMPACT Prevention program with interactive group presentations, live webinars and in-person consultations with Drs. Ferraro Cunningham and Von Feldt.

This deeper engagement promotes greater possibilities for educators, families, teens and young adults to ask more personal questions, explore relevant concerns, and address problematic issues before they take root.

These additional services also allow for educational institutions and families to receive feedback and support that specifically accommodates their interests, while promoting successful choices at school and at home.

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