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A Proven Approach
to DUI Prevention

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Our compassionate and trauma-informed approach to DUI prevention cultivates openness and change in communities.

Unlike outdated fear-based methods, our DUI programs are anti-stigmatizing and evidence-based, inspiring participants to improve their health based on prevention and intervention best practices.

We work closely with prevention leaders and their staff to understand your specific goals and challenges. Then, we customize our DUI programs to inspire your educators and your participants, ensuring maximum effectiveness for your community. Together, we implement DUI prevention strategies that have a lasting impact.

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DUI Prevention Curriculum

Our DUI curriculum centers on alcohol and drug prevention, empowering county leaders and counselors to make a real and lasting difference with every participant. Discover how we’re changing lives through effective DUI prevention education and transforming communities for the better.

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  • State and County prevention leaders
  • Alcohol & Drug Program Managers
  • DUI Program managers

“I just wanted to express my deep gratitude for you both and the compassionate and brilliant work you have entrusted us with. I feel honored to share this content with our community and proud to offer this curriculum to our DUI participants. Thank you both for the many hours of focus, the research, the attention to design, and the loyalty to our staff needs.”

Shelley A., DUI Program Manager

“When I first started working for the DUI program, I was spending a significant amount of time gathering information to present in groups each week. With the Panaptic’s DUI curriculum, I can jump right into the group process with minimal preparation. They have developed a curriculum that is easy to follow and full of useful information. Additionally, I can solicit client engagement which makes the session interesting and timely not only for me as a facilitator but for the participants as well.”

Jim R., DUI Counselor II

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Hello! We are Dr. Sarah Ferraro Cunningham, Psy.D.,
and Dr. Richard Von Feldt, Psy.D.

Discover how we equip communities with DUI prevention knowledge and tools needed to tackle substance use issues.

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Benefits of DUI Prevention Programs

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