Cannabis is a bigger problem than you think

Cannabis is the most used illegal drug among teens and young adults today in America.

The nation's annual school survey of drug use, “Monitoring the Future” (MTF), shows that cannabis use among adolescents remains consistently high and significantly higher than 10 years ago — despite reductions in usage among other drugs.¹ The national survey found that by the time students graduate from high school:

  • 45% of teens will have used cannabis
  • Teens and young adults see cannabis as less harmful than they did before

Much of the information about the drug, provided by the cannabis industry and found on social media, promotes the benefits of cannabis use and neglects to share the disadvantages.

Most young people now use cannabis more than tobacco, because they think that it's safer. And, in recent years, teens and young adults have used cannabis more frequently than alcohol and all illicit drugs combined.

A growing body of research suggests that frequent cannabis use is linked to reduced IQ, lower grades, school failure, mental health issues and poorer quality of life.

The Challenges

        The Challenges Parents Face Today

We are in the midst of tremendous changes in our society regarding cannabis, because it is more widely accepted now than ever before. At the same time, cutting-edge research gives us a much better understanding of the damaging impact that the drug has on the developing body and brain.

Without accurate information and support, it becomes even more challenging for you to navigate how to understand and approach cannabis use with your children.

Maybe you've grappled with questions such as:

  • How easily can my child become addicted to cannabis?
  • Does it cause mental health issues or school problems?
  • Is cannabis safer for my child to use than other drugs?
  • How do I establish rules for it when it seems like “everyone is using it?”
  • Since I never had a problem using it, why should I be concerned today that my child will?

Parents Role

        The Role Parents Play in Preventing Cannabis Use

Research shows that you play a tremendous role in preventing problematic substance use for your teen or young adult child, even when it seems like they aren't listening to you. Parents are best equipped to prevent cannabis use and its related problems when they have access to the facts, and they can create family discussions with their child about the drug.

We ensure that our parents receive the most up-to-date, comprehensive and accurate information regarding cannabis use so that they can make the best decisions for the overall health of their children. We also provide the guidance, education and support necessary for you to have these crucial conversations with your children.

To protect their health and their future, you'll be able to:

  • Stay up-to-date on the most effective strategies for monitoring cannabis use
  • Establish safe and effective guidelines and boundaries

Sharing Responsibility

        Helping Parents and Schools Work Together

Parents and teachers share a unique challenge of helping young people make smarter choices about their health, academic life and careers. There often can be a big gap between the messages about cannabis conveyed at school versus at home and what teens and young adults actually believe.

Misinformation and conflicting messages about the realities of cannabis lead young people to make risky decisions that can hurt their future.

Many parents and teachers share that they often feel outsmarted by young people's knowledge on the subject of cannabis, which hinders them from having helpful conversations with them about it.

The most effective way to help students involves families, educational institutions and peer groups communicating a consistent message.

We get parents and school faculty members on the same page with current, science-based knowledge about cannabis and how to address its use effectively with young people at home and at school.

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