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Dr. Cunningham and Dr. Von Feldt have provided education, consultation and services to the following institutions, organizations and individuals:

State and Counties

County of Riverside
Sonoma County
Vermont Agency Education

Educational Institutions

Pinewood School
Wyoming Seminary
West Sonoma County Union School District
Laguna High School
Gravenstein Union School District
Cotati Rohnert Park Unified School District
The Athenian School
Maria Cartillo High School
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New West Charter School
Denver Academy

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“Dr. Von Feldt and Dr. Cunningham's comprehensive understanding of teen marijuana use was a highly valuable resource for both my staff, the parents of our students and clients. They provided effective tools to help us undo the myth that marijuana use isn't high-risk behavior, which allowed us to utilize a much more innovative approach to early intervention with our teens in recovery and their families.”

     Andrew Rice, Executive Director, Teen Recovery Solutions/Mission Academy

“Drs. Cunningham and Von Feldt are dynamic and engaging communicators with extensive knowledge and experience working with adults, teens and families impacted by substance use. They are experts in the field and highly regarded by their students, patients and colleagues. Dr. Von Feldt and Dr. Ferraro Cunningham consistently demonstrate their deep commitment and highly effective skills with drug prevention and early intervention for teens and young adults.”

     Anthony Pollard, PsyD, University of California, Berkeley

“Dr. Von Feldt's expansive and adaptive approach to marijuana assessment education has proven to be a dynamic resource for our physicians. It starts with a vast overview of statistics, marijuana culture and science that informs a holistic and personal framework, which can be tailored to individual patient needs. In a society with ever increasing marijuana use, this training is an essential component of any physician's education.”

     Mariah Hansen, PsyD, University of California, San Francisco and Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency Faculty

“Dr. Ferraro Cunningham was highly successful in reaching the resistant students of our university mandated to attend marijuana education. She has a unique ability to reach students struggling with substance use.”

     Barbara Thomas, PhD, Director of Counseling and Psychological Services, University of San Francisco

“After taking the marijuana education class, I felt stronger and better equipped to talk to my son. We had been struggling for some time, and I didn't realize that most of our problems were related to his marijuana use. I don't know what we would have done without this support.”

     Chris, father of college freshman

“I tried before to talk to my daughter about marijuana use, but she would always argue with me. It seemed like she had done way more research than I had. So many teens are doing it, so I didn't know if I should even view her marijuana use as a problem. Learning from Dr. Von Feldt and Dr. Cunningham was so helpful. I gained a more accurate understanding of the impact of marijuana use, and I also learned how to talk to my daughter about it more successfully. She doesn’t always like my decisions, but I feel like I am making the best decisions for her future. I wish I had this information sooner!”

     Maribeth, mother of 11th grader

“I didn’t think that I could learn more about marijuana from anyone because I read up on it online. But hearing Dr. Cunningham and Dr. Von Feldt changed my mind. They taught me a lot about how marijuana changes the brain and the body and what to watch out for. I don't think of it as harmless anymore.”

     Avery, 10th grader

“I had thought that this class would be really boring, especially because I didn't choose to attend and didn't want to be there. Dr. Cunningham surprised me by making the class interesting and fun. I learned a lot about the dangers of marijuana use, and am definitely going to make some better choices.”

     Dave, college student

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