Northwest Association of Independent Schools. Fall Educators Conference.

October 13, 2017: Tacoma, WA

Marijuana Use in Our Schools: Understanding the Impact on Student Success, Well-Being, and Leadership

Our workshop will address the current culture of marijuana use among young people, share research and insights regarding the impact of marijuana use on the developing body and brain, and provide an overview of best practices for screening, intervention, and prevention strategies for use on campus. Participants will engage cutting-edge research and material to develop the tools necessary to protect their student body from the risks of frequent marijuana use — so that all of our students can reach their fullest leadership potential.

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        Kaiser Permanente, Santa Rosa Medical Center, Department of Family Medicine

November 21, 2017: San Rafael, CA

Continuing Education for physicians to provide a comprehensive overview of the addictive nature of marijuana, negative impact on brain functioning and medical consequences from frequent use, current research about medical marijuana, and short and long term psychological risks of frequent use on adults and adolescents.

        Kaiser Permanente, San Rafael Medical Center, Department of Psychiatry

Winter 2017: San Rafael, CA

Continuing Education for psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and family therapists to provided a comprehensive overview of the culture of marijuana and why it is so misunderstood, negative impact of frequent use on brain functioning, and methods to improve screening efforts and identify problematic use.

Past Events

        Northern California Symposium on Marijuana

April 4, 2017: San Francisco, CA

Marijuana on Campus: A comprehensive training program on assessment, prevention and policy hosted by Panaptic and the University of San Francisco:

This regional symposium brings together leaders in higher education, student services professionals and mental health providers serving college and university students to inform, collaborate and apply innovative strategies to address marijuana use in the college student population.

Panaptic will lead education sessions focusing on the current culture of marijuana use, research and insights regarding the impact of both recreational and medicinal use, addressing common cultural misconceptions, policy recommendations and using cutting-edge research to improve screening and prevention efforts in higher education.

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